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Dam Data and Control Monitoring Solution
May . 08 . 2023
Used Industrial Cellular Edge IoT Router R40, PLC/Modbus to MQTT/OPC UA Gateway BL102, Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch and Industrial Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switch for BLIIOT to Provide Industrial IoT Solution for Dam Monitoring.
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Remote Pumping Station Monitoring Solution Applied to Remote Pumping Station Troubleshooting
May . 05 . 2023
Remote pumping station monitoring BLIIOT solution applied to remote pumping station troubleshooting.
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Oil/Water Pipeline Monitoring Solution
Apr . 28 . 2023
Traditional Solution: Industrial Compact Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch&Industrial Serial to Ethernet Device Server&RTU.
BLIIOT solution: Industrial Compact Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch&S475 Cellular M2M IoT RTU.
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Wastewater Recycling Treatment Process-Application
Apr . 25 . 2023
Wastewater treatment plants require a reliable Ethernet network for efficient data collection and management from numerous measurement devices. BLIIOT BL102 PLC gateway, BL168G industrial Ethernet switch, and BL169GMP-SFP managed industrial Ethernet POE s
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What are the functions of 4G/5G edge computing routers in the intelligent trash can monitoring system?
Apr . 20 . 2023
Data transmission and processing: 4G/5G edge computing routers can transmit data collected by trash can sensors through high-speed wireless networks, including trash can capacity, filling status, temperature and other information, to achieve real-time dat
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Perfect Compatibility Analysis of BL102 IoT Gateway and ThingsBoard Cloud Platform
Apr . 18 . 2023
The perfect compatibility between BLIIOT BL102 IoT gateway and ThingsBoard cloud platform may be based on many factors, including the support of communication protocols, the compatibility of data formats, the consistency of API interfaces, and the provisi
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What roles do 4G/5G Edge Computing Gateways play in the development of Smart Properties?
Apr . 17 . 2023
4G/5G edge computing gateways play an important role in the development of smart properties. By realizing data collection and processing, real-time monitoring and control, security and privacy protection, offline operation and network disconnection fault
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Why use TLS/SSL encryption for IoT gateway communication?
Apr . 12 . 2023
The main reason why the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway communication adopts TLS (Transport Layer Security) / SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is to ensure the security and confidentiality of communication
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Connect industrial field devices to OPC UA servers through OPC UA gateways
Apr . 07 . 2023
Most PLC on the market are connected to OPC UA Server through OPC UA software running on industrial PC. Beilai technology adopts OPC UA protocol to connect to MES system for industrial Internet of Things field data collection.
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2023 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition
Mar . 29 . 2023
The 24th Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Address: In Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an)
Hall: 12-S16
Date: March 29-April 1, 2023
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Why More and More Projects Adopt OPC UA I/O Controllers?
Mar . 27 . 2023
OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is an open standard communication protocol for interoperability between different devices and systems. It provides a common framework for data exchange and communication across different platforms
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Smart Building Controler EdgeCOM with 2 Network Port, Supports Secondary Developmen and Internet of Things Gatement
Mar . 23 . 2023
With the development of the Internet of Things, the building control system has become an indispensable part of people's lives. In order to better meet market demand, developers are constantly exploring new technologies, new hardware and new solutions.
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What is the Difference Between X86 Architecture IPC and ARM IPC?
Mar . 07 . 2023
The Embedded ARM Edge Computer BL301 series is designed for IIOT and Indutrial Automation. It supports Linux and Ubantu OS, and QT tools and Node-Red, Phython, C++, and is compatible with MySQL, InfluxDB, SQLite and other databases.
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Leveraging BL102 IIoT Gateway for Secure Data Exchange Between IT and OT Applications
Feb . 28 . 2023
IT refers to information operation and management technology, and OT refers to field operation technology. Combining IT and OT will achieve digital transformation, that is, the purpose of the Industrial Internet of Things.
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BLIIoT BLRMS Remote Management System Copyright
Nov . 23 . 2022
BLIIoT get BLRMS Remote Management System Copyright!
Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd. BLIIoT has been committed to R&D, production and sales of Remote Management Controller, Industrial IoT Gateway, Industrial Edge Computing Router, Remote I/O Module,
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BLIIoT Industrial 4G PLC Gateway BL102 is Applied to Energy Consumption Monitoring in Textile Mills
May . 04 . 2023
PLC/ Modbus Gateway BL102 supports routing function and cascaded switch data collection, which is convenient to collect more industrial equipment data. It has complete software functions and covers most of the conventional application scenarios. Users onl
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Why do you choose the S274 IoT gateway in the smart electric box?
Apr . 13 . 2023
S274 IoT gateway has the characteristics of 4G communication technology, multiple communication interfaces, powerful data processing capabilities, high security and flexible configuration, making it the preferred choice for smart electrical boxes.
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Pulse counting serial communication IO module application industrial automation
Apr . 10 . 2023
The pulse counting serial communication IO module is an I/O device used in industrial automation control systems. It can realize the counting and collection of digital pulse signals, and transmit the data to the host computer for processing through serial
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BLIIoT Industrial IoT Gateway BL110 Application 4--Technical Parameter
Oct . 13 . 2022
BL110 is IoT gateway which can be used to convert PLC, BACnet, Modbus, DLT645 to BACnet IP, MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus TCP protocols, and then connected to cloud platform through 4G or Ethernet. It can be connected HUAWEI Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Thingsboard, AWS
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BLIIoT Industrial IoT Gateway BL110 Application 3--Features
Oct . 12 . 2022
BL110 is IoT gateway which can be used to convert PLC, BACnet, Modbus, DLT645 to BACnet IP, MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus TCP protocols, and then connected to cloud platform through 4G or Ethernet. It can be connected HUAWEI Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Thingsboard, AWS
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4G Industrial Edge Gateway R40 Used In Tunnel Remote Monitoring System
May . 08 . 2021
The 4G Industrial Edge Gateway R40 is a lightweight edge computing gateway with programmability, supports secondary development, and runs applications. At the same time, it has passed the AWS IOT Core compatibility test and Huawei IoT Cloud compatibility
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Industrial WiFi Routers Used in Construction Site
Apr . 26 . 2021
Industrial WiFi Router R40 is a powerful Industrial Wireless Router, providing wireless network access, data collection function, it can be widely used in construction sites.
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Industrial LTE Routers R40 Used in Bridge IoT Solutions
Apr . 25 . 2021
Industrial LTE Routers R40 are widely used in Bridge IoT Applications, have obtained Huawei technology certification, can access AWS, MQTT cloud platform, support a variety of industrial protocols and logic programming functions.
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Air Conditioner Remote Monitoring and Control Solution
Apr . 24 . 2023
This solution is based on the Industrial Internet of Things. The data of the air conditioner controller is read through the 4G gateway and uploaded to the cloud platform. Users can remotely view and control the air conditioner. At the same time, it suppor
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Cellular M2M IoT RTU S270 Used for Water Leakage Detection in the Biggest Food Online Booking Group - Meituan Stores
Apr . 04 . 2023
Cellular M2M IoT RTU S270 Used for Water Leakage Detection in the Biggest Food Online Booking Group for Meituan Stores
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S272 Used to Monitor the Parameters of Aquaculture Recirculation System and Support Send an Alarm Through SMS
Mar . 24 . 2023
There are 6 AI ports on the BLIIOT S272. Through these 6 AI ports, the analog signal output by the sensor is collected, and the threshold value and SMS alarm number are set in the configuration software. Relevant personnel call and send SMS.
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BLIIoT Cooperate with Universities and Research Institutes
Sep . 30 . 2022
Beilai Technology has established cooperative relations with many universities and research institutes.
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Outdoor Lighting Management IoT Solution
Aug . 02 . 2022
Business owners and facility managers become more aware of the need for better management of outdoor lighting, energy efficient use, in order to manage outdoor lighting and nearby facilities, they need some type of lighting control system. IoT is good cho
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